Have Camera Will Travel. Photos by Jimmy Jeong

The Stories Behind the Photos

A behind the scenes blog about Vancouver Commercial Photographer and Editorial Photographer Jimmy Jeong. Short little stories about covering some of the best photography assignments in and around the lower mainland.

On Assignment: Photographing UCP leader Jason Kenney on Election Night for Maclean’s Magazine

On Thursday April 11th I get a text from Liz Sullivan, the Director of Photography at Maclean’s, asking me if I’d be interested in covering election night in Alberta. The election was the following Tuesday. My response “Totally” with four exclamation marks. I love covering politics especially big elections. And being an Albertan ex-pat I had been watching the heated exchanges between the Notley’s NDP and Kenney’s UCP. So I send a quick expense quote and get a good-to-go the next day.

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